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Land Boundary Surveys

In Manitoba, under the authority of the Land Surveyor’s Act, only a Manitoba Land Surveyor is recognized and qualified to perform surveys for the purposes of determining the legal boundaries of a parcel of land.

Section 2 of the Land Surveyor’s Act defines the practice of land surveying as follows:

  1. the determination, establishment, location, demarcation or definition of a boundary
  2. the determination of the location of anything relative to a boundary for the purpose of certifying the location of the thing
  3. establishing and maintaining a network of geodetic points and certifying spatial values in relation to them, for the purposes of work described in clauses (a) to (c)
  4. establishing photogrammetric mapping or remotely sensed data control for the purposes of work described in clauses (a) to (d)
  5. advising, reporting or taking any other action, including the preparation of maps, plans and documents, in respect of any matter described in clauses (a) to (e)

A person engaging in the practice of land surveying, which is not recognized under The Land Surveyors Act, is not only assuming potentially damaging liability onto themselves, but is also open to prosecution under the law.

The Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors maintains a register of qualified individuals which may be viewed at the Association of Manitoba Land Surveyors website

During the course of their careers, a professional Land Surveyor can assist their clients in a variety of ways:

  • Staking lot corners for home construction, improvements or fences
  • Preparation of building location certificates for real estate transactions
  • Productions of subdivision plans and writing of legal descriptions for subdividing property
  • Production of condominium plans
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Extent of Your Ownership

The purchase of land and a home is probably the largest financial investment we will make in our liftime. The dimensions and extents of your property can be determined through a land boundary survey.

By careful research and analysis of plans of survey, registered titles and other historical documents, a Manitoba Land Surveyor can determine the limits of the land, the location of related buildings and structures and identify encroachments from adjacent properties that may interfere with your use of the land.

This can avoid costly misunderstanding with adjacent landowners and provide security and peace of mind on your investment.

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